HELM Celebrates One Year!

August 9, 2019


HELM Celebrates One Year!
We at HELM Real Estate are proud to celebrate our first year of business here in our beloved San Francisco / Bay Area! With a growing crew of knowledgeable and impassioned individuals, we look forward to many more years of helping you chart a course home. With the marking of our first anniversary, we are excited to announce the addition of the HELM Real Estate Blog! Here you will find all the latest buzz that HELM has to offer, such as insights on the industry from members of our crew, fun facts about past listings, news on what’s ahead for HELM, and much more! /wp: paragraph wp: paragraph For our inaugural post, we’d like to share a bit of our history with you! HELM Real Estate has launched just over a year ago on March 26, 2018. After 17 years of working with one of the Bay Area’s premier luxury brokerages, we decided to chart our own course and establish the family-owned and independent HELM Real Estate! As a United States Navy Veteran and avid sailor at the… Helm… it’s no surprise that we embraced a name fit for the sea! But, what’s in a name? It’s not just so we can make a bevy of clever sailing puns! As fun as that is, HELM symbolizes a much deeper meaning. We believe that we are at the helm of our destiny. Just as a captain takes control of his ship from the helm, we each take control of our lives! Every helmsman needs a crew, though, and so we surround ourselves with the best people we know who will help you cross even the roughest of waters to reach safe harbor. We hope that when you decide to set sail, you choose the best crew available here at HELM Real Estate! /wp: paragraph wp: paragraph This past year alone, we have been a proud part of the journey home for 32 families in the Bay Area, from Rio Vista, Walnut Creek, San Francisco, Pinole, and even down to Carmel. HELM was able to close on over $50 million in real estate in its inaugural year and there are no signs of slowing down! Did we mention that all of this was with just three agents? Crazy, right? With two additions to our crew, hand-picked for their excellence and dedication, we look forward to bringing our abundance of talent and expertise to the table when helping even more families find the Bay Area home of their dreams. /wp: paragraph wp: paragraph With one year of success under our belt, a meticulously assembled crew of experts, and a seemingly never-ending supply of naval quips, we at HELM Real Estate look forward to being a part of your journey home! /wp: paragraph wp: paragraph Be sure to check back for future posts! /wp:paragraph wp:paragraph Now… bring me that horizon! /wp:paragraph wp:paragraph {"align":"right","custom font size":12}

Author: A. Trujillo

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