Cinderella TV Show

August 30, 2019

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Cinderella TV Show

[vc_row][vc_column][houzez-space height=”50″][vc_column_text]’We’ve all seen those shows on HGTV where a couple is looking to sell an old property. They’ve had no luck so far, they’re running out of time, and they’re worried their house is losing value. They don’t have time to be a big part of the ordeal, so they need someone they can trust. What they need is a cracker-jack team of experienced and charismatic home magicians to come in, remodel the place and sell it all before the credits roll! This formula usually works on TV, but what happens when this scenario becomes reality and you notice you have a very apparent lack of TV hosts to help you out? This was very much a reality for a very busy Silicon Valley executive and longtime friend of Marcus. He recently found himself in the same scenario and similarly without television-related assistance. Lucky for him, he knows the best team of agents and real estate experts in the Bay Area at HELM Real Estate.

He gave Marcus a call to ask for some advice. After a short conversation, it was decided that the property should be co-listed with HELM, and Marcus would act as the proxy for the busy executive and handle transaction details along with a vetted local broker. With a weight lifted off his shoulders, our seller was ready to proceed with the HELM recommendation. The property was 10 acres of wooded land with over 300 oak trees and a ranch house. A beautiful property, but it definitely needed some love in order to sell as a high-end estate. A tree had fallen, the house needed some fluffing, and mother nature had started her effort to reclaim the land, so much of the greenery was overgrown. Marcus advised not only a cleanup but a little bit of restoration and improvement if our seller was willing. This would spike the value of the property even more. Our seller agreed and Operation Fairy Godmother was in full swing.

With legendary weapons and the power of ancient sorcery, Mother Nature and her forces were re-routed and the fallen tree was removed by select local contractors. They built a monument to their great victory in the form of a delightful sitting area by the creek. They cleaned and staged the house, repainted the front door, updated some aged hardware, and gave an inspirational and affirming speech to give the property a boost of confidence. We had a photo shoot the likes of which would’ve made Vera Wang herself jealous. A drone video was shot, and while it was not narrated by David Attenborough, it was posted on the property’s dedicated website. After a spontaneous musical number, the Uvas Creek Ranch was ready for the ball. Oh, and did I mention this was all over the course of just 10 days? Not bad for not having our own TV show! It was officially time for phase two.

Marcus interviewed 3 brokers in order to make the best decision on who to co-list the property with. Upon Marcus’ recommendation, Teri Fortino of Intero Realty was hired to help Cinderella find her prince. The property was rushed onto the market before the season forced the grass to change color and before all potential buyers left for summer vacation. After just another 10 days of aggressive marketing, we received an offer at $1.575 million, about 12% over the listing price of $1.398 million! And the buyer? They had been outbid by our seller about 10 years prior for the same property. There was no way they’d be outbid this time! Happy buyer, happy seller!

So the next time you’re watching one of those HGTV shows, remember that it doesn’t take a TV crew to pull off some real estate magic! HELM Real Estate makes magic like this happen all the time.

If you’re in a tight squeeze with property or know somebody who is, look no further than HELM Real Estate!…and the carriage didn’t even turn back into a pumpkin![/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]

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