Babies, Cheese, and HELM Real Estate

August 9, 2019

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Babies, Cheese, and HELM  Real Estate
Imagine coming home to the news that you’re going to be a parent for the very first time. Pretty incredible news, right? A new chapter of life is about to begin. A little bundle of joy is on its way, and you’ve got names to pick out, diapers to buy, and a nursery to build! Then, you realize that the nursery can’t go in the dining room/office/living room/den, and they’ll need their own room eventually too. Suddenly, it looks like the old bachelor pad isn’t going to cut it for your growing family. The checklist begins! Your new family HQ needs to be close to a good school, easy to get to from work, comfortable for three or more, have somewhere for your little one to play, maybe have some space for entertaining, and definitely have a nice kitchen. But how do you find the perfect home for you and the ones you hold dear? Where do you even start?

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If I’ve succeeded in painting a vivid picture in your mind, then you are in the shoes of a family whose journey HELM had the privilege of being a part of this past year: a husband and wife expecting their first child and wanting to move into their first home as a family. A daunting endeavor to say the least! After two years of searching and working with another realtor, they still hadn’t landed that perfect property. This was when a fellow client referred them to HELM. Like a crazed sailor with a long, white beard hunting down the creature that stole a dearly loved appendage from him, HELM took to the waters of the housing market to track down this family’s leg… eh… home! It wasn’t long before we found the perfect home in Marin. Sea shanties were sung, the rum was gone, and the crew celebrated with fresh citrus to further prevent scurvy! We loaded our offer into the cannon and fired! And… the offer was rejected.

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I can hear everyone’s inner young Fred Savage now. “Helm! You’re reading it wrong! That’s not supposed to happen!” Well, you’d be correct! And we know that’s not how the story ends either. We at HELM don’t see a rejected offer as the end of the road, we see it as fishing with the wrong bait. No need to find a new fishing spot just because the fish here like cheese and all you have is worms. In this case, HELM started making cheese! As delicious as this would be (and as disappointed as yours truly was when I was told that we weren’t actually making cheese), HELM’s new strategy involved less dairy and more networking and research. Although we went in well-prepared, not only did we develop a relationship with the listing agent, but we also reached out to other local agents to find out what had been sold in the area and to learn the nuances of the neighborhood. We knew that we needed to know exactly what this market was like to be successful within it. Once we had a deeper understanding of the waters we were fishing in (a surprisingly unintended pun this time), we knew we could make an offer that would finally give our clients the home they’d been so desperately searching for.

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In the end, our couple prevailed over five competing offers with a non-contingent 15-day close with financing. Now they are the proud owners of a 3-bedroom, 3-bath home in Marin with parking for one. Needless to say, more sea shanties were sung, the rum was still gone, and citrus abounded! We at HELM are so proud to have been a part of this young family’s journey toward owning their very first home, and we owe our success in no small part to the dedication of our agents and an unwillingness to give in even when success remains elusive. If you or someone you know is about to embark on a quest to find a new port, we hope that HELM Real Estate can help bring the results and peace of mind that can be so scarce when tackling the real estate market. We want all of our client's journeys to end just as happy as our lovely couple’s did, and nobody knows these waters better than HELM…

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…Plus, we’re all 100% scurvy-free!

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Author: A.Trujillo

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